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Anindilyakwa Arts

Anindilyakwa Arts is a thriving hub of creativity located on the Groote Eylandt Archipelago in the Gulf of Carpentaria in the Northern Territory. Warnumamalya artists are engaged across the Archipelago, with art centres in Umbakumba, Angurugu and Milyukbura. Diverse art programs focus on traditional and contemporary art practices, as well as, community engagement programs. Artists practices span across weaving, fibre art, carving, printmaking, fashion design and painting.

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Featured Artists

Born: 1970

Region: Umbakumba, Groote Eylandt

Noeleen is a senior artist and lead Art and Cultural Officer at Anindilyakwa Arts, in addition to an Anindilyakwa Land Council (ALC) and Arnhem, Northern and Kimberley Artists (ANKA) board member. As a senior artist, Noeleen specialises in fiber art, bush dyeing, and jewellery-making. Working predominately at the Anindilyakwa Art Gallery, Noeleen is an active participant in the art centre’s external and creative programs, passionate about sharing the art centre story and empowering community to keep cultural practices strong. Coming to the art centre originally as an artist in 2018, Noeleen has worked hard over the past five years to become a key member of the art centre team and strong advocate for Anindilyakwa people and culture.

Born: 1986

Region: Four Mile Outstation, Groote Eylandt

Vera Lalara, is a senior artist working from the 4 Mile outstation. Engaging in various mediums such as weaving, carving, and bush dyeing, she shares her skills and passion for traditional art forms. Vera’s practice has been significantly influenced by her mother-in-law, Elsie Bara, who has imparted the traditional knowledge of pandanus and bush string weaving. Together, they weave side by side, sharing the old ways. Vera plays a vital role in keeping the cultural practices alive and vibrant at four mile outstation

Born: 1986

Region: Umbakumba, Groote Eylandt

Maicie Lalara is a talented Artist and Arts Worker at Anindilyakwa Arts, from Umbakumba community on Groote Eylandt. An established weaver, fiber artist and bush dyer, she enjoys sharing her culture and skills. Maicie is a young community leader, embracing teaching of the next generation and actively engaging and inspiring others in her community to carry on traditional art practises. Maicie’s contemporary weaving practice is recognized nationally and internationally, with her captivating “Yilkwa – Monster Fish” made from ghost nets, lighters, and bottle tops. Recently, Maicie was selected as a participant in the prestigious ANKA AWEP program in 2023, highlighting her dedication to her craft and expanding her professional skills.

Born: 1974

Region: Angurugu, Groote Eylandt

Angela Robyn Williams, originally from Mornington Island, is an artist and an Arts and Cultural officer at Angurugu. Taught by her grandmother, Robyn is a talented weaver who works across a range of fibre mediums, including with ghost net, pandanus, and recycled materials. In addition to her weaving expertise, Robyn also experiments with Linoprinting and bush dye, reflecting stories of country and community. As a dedicated arts worker, she plays a pivotal role in the sharing of cultural and artistic knowledge, including to her several daughters who are now following in her footsteps as artists themselves.

Born: 1991

Region: Four Mile Outstation, Groote Eylandt

Tanielle Marawili, an emerging artist from Four Mile outstation, carries the rich background of her Yonglu upbringing in Baniyala. Guided by her family elders, she embraces traditional art practices, which form the foundation of her artistic practise. Currently, Tanielle finds herself inspired to further develop her bush dye skills, immersing herself in key collaborative bush dye projects this year, including fashion and large scale sculptural pieces.

Born: 2002

Region: Four Mile Outstation, Groote Eylandt

Sheanah Shakita Marawili is an Arts and Cultural Officer at the Umbakumba Art Centre and, emerging artist. Originally from Baniyala in Blue Mud Bay, she was initially taught her skills in art from family on mainland and continues to learn with her senior female members at Four Mile Outstation. Working closely with other artists at the art centre, both learning and teaching, Sheanah has quickly become talented at bush dye practices and wearable art pieces. Working with locally collected seeds, seashells and dyes, Sheanah is known for her intricate and creative wearable art pieces inspired by traditional body adornment.

Born: 1978

Region: Umbakumba, Groote Eylandt

Jeanelle Mamarika is an Arts and Cultral Officer at Umbakumba Art Centre, and an accomplished weaver, taught by her aunty Edith Mamarika. Her artistic focus centers around traditional mediums such as mangkurrkwa (pandanus), resulting in functional creations including baskets, bowls, belts, and earrings. Jeanelle also assumes a vital role as a teacher, passing down traditional practices to the younger generations in Umbakumba.

Born: 1979

Region: Angurugu, Groote Eylandt

Charmaine is an Art and Culture Officer at Anindilyakwa Arts, situated at Angurugu Women’s Art Centre. Born in Aurukun (QLD), Charmaine is a talented artist who explores a diverse mediums such as jewelry-making, printmaking, and weaving. Her artistic practise intertwines traditional and contemporary approaches, exemplified by her celebrated “new ways dilly bags.” Additionally, Charmaine explores experimental bush dyeing, drawing upon ancient natural dyeing techniques to produce distinct patterns and vibrant colors on various fabrics. Committed to knowledge-sharing, she generously imparts her skills to other artists and actively engages in youth programs, ensuring the sharing of traditional skills for future generations.

Born: 1990

Region: Malkala Outstation, Groote Eylandt

Elouise Lalara is a talented emerging artist from Malkala Outstation. Known at the art centre for her captivating bush dye style, Elouise continuously pushes boundaries with her exploration of new colors and unusual designs. In 2021, she demonstrated her commitment to teaching and sharing her skills and knowledge as an Arts and Cultural Officer in Angurugu. Presently, Elouise is dedicated to expanding her skill through print mediums, with a particular focus on linoprinting. Her work blends old and new styles and imagery, showcasing her versatility and creativity. Moreover, Elouise plays a pivotal role in the print studio, taking on the responsibility of teaching and preserving the skills of other artists.

Region: Angurugu, Groote Eylandt

Yolgnu aritst Sandy Maymuru, born in Gove, followed his Uncle to Groote Eylandt in 1991. Living here with his Anindilaykwa partner, Sandy has developed a deep understanding of Anindilyakwa culture and history. A former member of Yothu Yindi, Sandy is an accomplished Yidaki maker and player. He crafts intricate wood sculptures, yiraka (digeridoos), bark paintings and spears that blend his extensive knowledge of Yolngu and Anindilywakwa culture. Sandy is passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge with the younger generation of men in Angurugu.

Born: 1957

Region: Milyakburra, Groote Eylandt

Elvis Bara, a respected senior artist, assumes multiple roles as an Arts and Cultural Officer, songman, and singer. His artistic practice encompasses painting and carving. As a senior male artist, he holds great significance in leading ceremonies across the Groote archipelago and Numbulwar region on the mainland. Elvis’s artworks beautifully depict his Bara songlines and totems, with the stories of the dugong and West Wind holding a special place in his heart. As an Arts and Cultural officer, Elvis dedicates himself to the important task of teaching these crafts to others, particularly the younger men. On larger artworks Elvis often, collaborates closely with his wife, Stephanie Durilla. Elvis grew up in Umbakumba community, however now resides between Milyakburra (Bickerton Island) and Bartulumba Outstation.

Born: 1954

Region: Thompson Bay Outstation, Groote Eylandt

Dennis is an important senior male artist and Arts and Cultural officer, as well as, law and cultural leader from Thompson Bay Outstation, Groote Eylandt. Predominantly a traditional painter, he depicts sacred stories that pertain to both his mothers and grandmothers Yolngu side, as well as his fathers Anindilyakwa side. Dennis is one of few artists that currently paints in the traditional Groote Eylandt style, detailed motifs floating on a plain, usually black background. He is an important cultural and arts teacher to the next generation. When Dennis is not working on his art from home or the Men’s Art Centre, you will find him singing and dancing, leading important ceremonies across the Groote archipelago and Numbulwar on the mainland. Dennis was raised as a child in Umbukumba community, alongside senior artist Elvis Bara, of whom still work closely together at the art centre.

Born: 1990

Region: Angurugu, Groote Eylandt

Daniel is a Yolŋu man who was was born in Yirrkala and grew up as a young boy at his family’s homeland of Rurrangala in North East Arnhem land. Now living with his Anindilyakwa wife and daughter in Angurugu, Daniel is an Arts and Cultural officer and talented artist in Angurugu. Daniel is best known for his bark paintings depicting traditional stories of sea creatures, and also works on carvings and yiraka (digeridoo). Daniel’s father Dula Ngurruwuthun was an accomplished painter and has works in national institutions such as the NGA. Daniel is inspired to follow in his fathers footsteps and has taken up the skills, imagery and process taught to him by his father.

Region: Angurugu, Groote Eylandt

Frank is an emerging artist from Angurugu community. Frank’s practice is focused on traditional craftmanship, making spears, woomeras and clapping sticks. He is passionate about teaching and sharing skills to younger men in Angurugu community.

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