Art, Culture, Country

Partnering with remote Indigenous Art Centres to deliver a landmark digital project that empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to create and share unique arts and cultural experiences with the world.


Art, Culture, Country

Partnering with remote Indigenous Art Centres to deliver a landmark digital project that empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to create and share unique arts and cultural experiences with the world.

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Iltja Ntjarra Many Hands

Iltja Ntjarra (Many Hands) Art Centre started operating in 2004 as a not-for-profit Art Centre to provide a place for Western Aranda artists to come together to paint, share and learn new techniques and ideas. The Art Centre has a special focus on supporting the ‘Hermannsburg School’ style watercolour artists who continue to paint in the tradition of their grandfather and relative, Albert Namatjira. By continuing his legacy, these artists sustain an important piece of living history.

29 Wilkinson St, Alice Springs NT 0870

Featured Artists

Born: 1958

Region: Alice Springs

Mervyn was born at the Telegraph Station in Alice Springs. His mother Cynthia (Kamara) Obitja was a Western Aranda woman. His father was the late Mr Wenten Rubuntja Pengarte a famous painter and important role model for Mervyn. He fought for Aboriginal rights and protection of the land working alongside the Central Land Council and assisted in the Mabo agreement. Mervyn has followed in his father’s footsteps painting in the watercolour style that his father taught him. When Mervyn was 13 years old his family moved to Hermannsburg this is where he first saw watercolour paintings and began to paint.

Born: 1952

Region: Hermannsburg

Hubert Pareroultja is a senior Western Aranda-Luritja man who lives in his homeland, Kulpitharra / Luntharra outstation west of Hermannsburg (Ntaria). Hubert has been painting landscape watercolours since he was a young boy thus following in the footsteps of his father Reuben Pareroultja and uncles who were part of the original Hermannsburg School watercolour movement and acclaimed artists. Hubert paints many of the iconic locations that Albert Namatjira and his uncles painted, including Mt Sonder/Rutjipma and James Range. Hubert lives and works in the Western MacDonnell Ranges to this day. His work is displayed in many important collections.

Born: 1977

Region: Alice Springs

Marisa Maher is from Alice Springs (Mparntwe); she is a Western Aranda woman. Marisa has been working at Iltja Ntjarra Art Centre, Alice Springs since 2013. She is currently the Assistant Manager of the art centre, and an emerging curator. Marisa grew up at Hermannsburg – Ntaria with her grandparents and siblings. In 2015 Marisa was selected for the Wesfarmers National Gallery of Australia’s Indigenous Arts Leadership Program.

Born: 1954

Region: Tempe Downs

Selma is an accomplished acrylic and watercolour artist who grew up in Ntaria (Hermannsburg). where she went to school with fellow artist Ivy Pareroultja. She is from the Pertama Maduthara Luritja Tribe from Urrampinyi (Tempe Downs Station) which is located South West of Alice Springs in Central Australia.

Born: 1974

Region: Alice Springs

Reinhold was born in Alice Springs. His mother and father were both from Ntaria (Hermannsburg) and thus Reinhold’s fathers Dreaming and his own are associated with Mt. Hermannsburg. As a young man Reinhold was an ace AFL football player but an accident resulted in a brain injury that stopped him from playing. Reinhold is married to Cathy (Jennifer) Wirri and has two daughters with her. Watercolour artist Kevin Wirri (deceased) was his father in law. Reinhold taught himself to paint by drawing first. He loves to paint and draw his father’s Country. He paints beautiful landscapes with great technique and unusual and interesting uses of colour.

Born: 1964

Region: Papunya

Stanley is the son of Desmond Ebatarintja and is married to the daughter of William Sandy. Stanley Ebatarinja has been shortlisted for the 2017 Muswellbrook Prize, and was a finalist in the 2023 Telstra NATSIAA prize.

Born: 1980

Region: Alice Springs

Benita is the daughter of artist Gwenda Namatjira and great granddaughter of Albert Namatjira. She paints her country both in dot paintings depictions and watercolours. Benita also paints figurative images of her family and their learning of the watercolour painting tradition. Benita is teaching her husband, Ricky Connick the painting skill. She often comes to Ngurratjuta Many Hands art centre to learn from the elders and get inspiration from old photographs and stories.

Born: 1952

Region: Hermannsburg

Ivy was born at Hermannsburg in 1952, the daughter of well-known watercolour artist Edwin Pareroultja. Ivy’s father and his two brothers Reuben and Otto were part of the original Hermannsburg Watercolour movement and were all skilled watercolour artists. As a young woman, Ivy learnt to paint in this style and developed a gift for watercolour landscapes. Ivy moved to Alice Springs in 1994 and continues to paint in the tradition of her father and uncles. Her work uses bold colours successfully creating emotive depictions of the Central Desert landscape. Ivy’s work is extremely popular and has been acquired by institutions such as the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory.

Born: Alice Springs

Born: 1968

A Project by Agency

UPLANDS is an immersive digital project that has been designed to celebrate Indigenous Art Centres and share Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artistic and cultural practices with the world.

This large scale immersive digital mapping project features over twenty remote Indigenous Art Centres, and interviews with over 150 Indigenous artists and arts workers from across the country.

UPLANDS is a project by Agency and has been funded by the Australian Government through the Restart to Invest, Sustain and Expand (RISE) program and the Indigenous Visual Art Industry Support (IVAIS) program.




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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Sovereign Custodians of the land on which we live and work. We extend our respects to their Ancestors and all First Nations peoples and Elders past, present, and future.